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SiraView 3.10
is here!

SiraView is the ultimate CCTV viewer, enabling users to view multiple CCTV video file formats with a single, intuitive interface. Dispensing with the need for manufacturers' proprietary viewers, SiraView is a unique decoding application, preserving the evidential quality of the CCTV footage.

View it better.

Hundreds of CCTV formats, no loss of quality.

SiraView is the only universal CCTV viewer on the market.

The software facilitates 
playback of multiple CCTV formats within a single, intuitive user interface.

Developed with the UK Police and Home Office, our software preserves the original evidential quality of your footage, while offering simple, high-volume, cost-effective navigation between multiple sources.

Without any specialist expertise, any authorised staff member can instantly access footage.


SiraView can be installed effortlessly by individuals or an IT department.

Users can eliminate the virus risk of using multiple untested CCTV players, and will no longer need separate machines to isolate potential infection.

View it easily.

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